Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bowl-cut, or not dare?

small pieces of well structured beach. Focus on the famous bowl, the spirit of 60, who is the star of the season.
Bowl-cut, or not dare?I dare ...

... If I face the final. Just finish this cup gives chubby round face rather long. However, swinging round face as well, following its contours, this part strengthens the whole cup.

... If I have a uniform color and ultra glossy. No fuses or flushing in the cut, it should be graphically highlighted by the mass of his hair the same tone. It is preferable to choose the color of "extreme" as a platinum blond or black fiery strengthen the effect of cuts in catch light.

... If I had straight hair. If they are okay, they will cut the maximum density. If they are thick, the bowl would be more amazing. In contrast, drops with curly, even flexible, unless you want to spend hours in the dryer hand to control the movement!

The problem again: that adopting this section if you really like your haircut. Due after bowl cut, your hair will need retouching every 4-5 weeks max!

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