Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brushing teeth, the first thing to my hair care

If brushwork 100 of our grandmothers are no longer on the agenda, brushing teeth is an important action for beautiful hair. Council Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer to have a well-brushed hair.
Brushing teeth, the first thing to my hair careBrushing, what's the point?

To unravel. brushstrokes Sometimes only a few to discipline the whole tangled mop. Comment nodes are needed before the rules to brush morning and evening.

A fresh air. Pollution, smoking, styling products leave residue on your hair throughout the day. Give them a bowl of air brushing!

Massage A. Brushing hair, massaging scalp. This has the effect of stimulating blood circulation and increase the supply of nutrients to the hair root. In the long run, the hair smoother and stronger.

In order to protect them. scalp produce sebum supposed to nourish the hair. Except that it tends to stay in the root. Pull on the length by using the brush to feed the hair to the ends.

Good signal

Before starting to paint, spray detangler spray to facilitate travel brush. Begin to remove the hair from root to tip, gradually. If they are very thick, divide them into a wide groove to make work more regularly. Then do the test comb: let him down slowly in length. If stopped on the node is that the hair is not fully described. So brush off your resume! If not, go to the second stage sequentially brush. Back hair with a brush neck forward, then from left to right and from right to left to air them. Finish with a few strokes from the forehead to the neck to put the wig in place. You see, the results are immediate!

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