Saturday, January 7, 2012

What was cut short for me?

A round face, long, or square? Sometimes just a few snips well placed to balance the books. Follow the guide and look for shortcuts that will suit you best.
What was cut short for me?I have a long face

I chose a cup, flat on top of the skull and that includes more material on the restructuring side of the face. Or do I choose a cup bowl at all, very trendy.
What was cut short for me?I have a round face

Two choices: either I decided to highlight the pieces that follow the contours of a round face. Whether I'm looking for a break "ball"her. I then asked a large cross on the head, which tends to lengthen the face a little and also highlight the eye.
What was cut short for me?I have a square face

I chose to cut deconstructed that shakes the hands of a little "stiff" in my face. The trick? Keep little material on the head and sides, in order to ruffle the hair in all directions.

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