Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smooth Without Damaging

Edge Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer for addicts who want to keep brushing the mane in good health
Smooth Without DamagingChoice of weapons.

Special designation for smoothers wet and dry (which is also used on wet hair), which not only saves time but also to apply the treatment products that evaporate before straightening without "frying" your hair with heat.

To prevent hair plate HOOK, always choose perfectly fine ceramic iron.

The width of the right to plate is five inches, unless you have curly hair roots really in this case would require a plate to catch the subtle strands without burning yourself.

Finally, choose a flat iron with a thermostat. Start by using a medium heat (150-180 degrees) and if results are good, not worth growing!

Both the smoothing technique

If you have a famous iron, wet and dry, spray hair spray detangler that maintain without weighing down before moving plate.

Smooth on the average temperature if your hair is soft or slightly curly, or if you have a relaxing hair brush and hair dryer.

However, at the very curly hair, do not hesitate to increase the strength of smoothing iron to print well on the first pass. The goal? Avoid having to spend five times less and therefore damage the hair by mechanical friction.

In all cases, the guide rail by passing a comb in her hair: it provides a perfectly smooth, but also save precious minutes.

If you have very curly hair-root, where the comb against the scalp to protect it from hot dishes to start fine.

Once you tidy up perfectly, go a little alcohol on a plate coated fabric (wait they are cold) to clean them and remain perfectly flat

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