Saturday, January 7, 2012

In short it is glamorous!

bad language will not be able to say that men have short hair! This cup glamorous and sexy and can prove otherwise bonus to play all the metamorphosis. Demonstrations.
In short it is glamorous!Like all the pieces that have style, this short square mocking require maintenance. Haircuts every month and hold the volume in place. Adopt if you have straight hair, curly, soft or even face a bit late. If you are complexed with a high neck or jaw slightly smaller square, do not hesitate to ask the pro for a little bit longer in the back and side faces. In everyday life, he relaxed and just a few brush strokes, or almost, to change it. Two ways to wear it!
In short it is glamorous!Option steep

Pre-dry hair until just damp. Take a large flat brush and a long shot to the face in all directions, follow the movements of the dryer. Hair fine but not super stiff, so you can play with your axes. Sweep from side to your liking! Finally, taking the shine and apply a hot wax effect them between your fingers before passing into the hair like a comb to secure the movement!
In short it is glamorous!
Optional corrugated

Dry hair upside down to keep the root volume. Replace head and bit the tip curling iron work all over the world to give them movement. Place the cream in the definition and the ripples are formed and put the key around the face. Finished with lacquer screens halo around the head.

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