Saturday, January 7, 2012

Variations around the horse-tail

Quick and easy to do, the cauda equina can always be closed without (too much) effort. Technique Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer for various effects.
Variations around the horse-tailStylish: Make the basic horse-tail, roll in itself to the inside at the bottom of the neck. Safe with Kirby grip. You can even chiciser the cauda equina into bread, with a net on top dancers.

Braid: Creating a high-ponytail, long loose braid, then attach elastic bottom to top with a pin. Node-coated finish provides a touch of "Chanel" at the salon.

Original. Instead of taking the hair on the back of the skull, making the line on the side and tie the hair above the ears. To Bjork pancakes, roll the hair around the elastic and re-insert the point when bending.

Convex. Teasing hair at the root of where you want the hull, which means above the forehead in general (which is quite a bit wider!). Replace the remaining hair high enough to be able to connect the stomach and attach. If the stomach is too high to put the horse-tail, tie your hair is normal and set the shell with a pin. How well? Add a beautiful bar at the junction between the shell and a ponytail hairstyle to dress.

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