Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm scum!

Honours to bully hairstyle that meets code season pattern: volume, volume ever! Practical work with Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer.
I'm scum!Step 1. Using the tip of a comb with teeth clenched, pulling a strand of hair as a comma from left to right. If you take some pretty thin, very tight loop. , a larger loop area.

Step 2. Coat it with the volume of foam, and then shake it to himself start from the root. If you want the volume flux, do not hesitate to play the tight roots. Then, two options. Whether you wind the key and rotate around two fingers prior to repair with a pin at the root. Whether you're squirming in itself to form small beads, then you specify. In the first case, the loop is more flexible in others, tight.

Step 3. Repeat the operation in the whole head, do not forget to put the foam on each strand before rolling

Step 4.Once head covered with curly hair, take a blow dryer and dry on the surface of the head to foam. Thus, the movement of hair perfectly set.

Step 5. Undo key and let it cool before separated with the fingers.

Step 6. Spray paint the hand, then squeezed a problem with the palm of the hand. If you want to size XXL, feel free to slightly tease the roots!
I'm scum!

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