Saturday, January 7, 2012

Help, I have split ends!

Before, tips cut off technical assistance to improve a little tired. Olivier LeBrun Designer items with Garnier Fructis hair.
Help, I have split ends!What happened?

When healthy hair, their shells pile up perfectly with one another and form a smooth surface. This balance can be disrupted by various factors, such as brushing too aggressively (we do not shoot on the nodes!), With an inset of elastic metal (which was made on the hair when removed), friction with clothing, and just naturally use a very long time goal.

After some time, open the hair scales with each other and the peak of dry and wrinkled. As long as they do not split (which says that hair can be divided into two parts), we can save them.

Good routine maintenance

* Shampoo nutritious with the rules of art, that is to say on the subject of hair, long massage without rubbing
* A treatment that contains ceramides to improve both its length and resolder the scale between them and fats such as oil or shea butter to feed.
* Deepest point of care, such as bath oils to leave in place a warm towel, or leave overnight in serum before bed and repair while you sleep

However, do not bet on serum tips specific to repair the damage. These products are attractive for their cosmetic effect, that is, they smooth the surface with silicone, but do not act in the long term.

SOS, my point is really flinguées!

Make a plan to cut with your stylist. Ideally, cut into inch every month for three or four months. So, we get rid of split ends without a length.

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