Saturday, January 7, 2012

Littering or stringing?

Speaking the language haircut is not always easy. Today, learn the difference between degraded and tapered, with the guidance of Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis hair Council.
Littering or stringing?Degrade, decryption:

Gradient is a technique that involves cutting pieces of different lengths to bring the volume to the mane. If it raises a little barber and cut straight with scissors, so he really did, as it falls, the long hair will vary. With this, the hair overlap each other, so the stairs, and take the volume.

Taper, decryption:

This technique allows to create effects in finishing a haircut. We can cut the axis, including framing the face, like the famous cup to Jennifer Aniston. While the bob can be degraded because the hair falling in bulk as a uniform helmet, it can be pointed at in the face in order to inject a little pizzazz to the mix.

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