Saturday, January 7, 2012

I cut the hair: razor or scissors?

Panic Room! Some stylists swear by good old pair of scissors, while the other uses such as a razor. What to choose then?
I cut the hair: razor or scissors?Scissors to cut out net

Unlike a pair of scissors to cut straight. This gives priority to the hairdresser who uses this technique when someone wants a cup of very graphic, bowls or square, for example. Scissors also allows maximum precision gradient as the right key at the back of the ear, which is not possible with a razor. So a technique that allows all variations. Instead, spend more time at the salon to cut with scissors!

Razor to taper

In the 40's, hairdressers, also less paid, find a cut with a razor, forcing customers to wash their hair salon. Since then, many followers! Impec to cut to pieces, this technique allows to create effects. If you're in a hurry, it also means not hanging around in the lounge, because it cuts faster than scissors razor. The last thing that makes a difference: a razor, barber cut along the comb and can not be wrong.

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