Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have decided to cut it!

Not sure where to take the leap? I bet that this argument will not leave you in marble, because yes, it's all good short!
I have decided to cut it!In short, give the style max

Having a style if you have long hair, is more complicated. First, a little shortcut to give the character to face thanks to finished graphic. By releasing the neck, short haircut also allows slightly lengthen the silhouette!

Short, easy to live

When you have combed the long hair, you know it is gone for an hour of labor between the brush and shape. With short hair, count five minutes and rub the gel. Once everything is allowed: small mop head matted or plated with you!

In short, it lifts feature

While the length tends to draw a line down, little shortcut back in the face by an optical effect. As a bonus, the volume is set at the top of the head, then the balance of facial volume. Ideal when the contours tend to sag a little!

In short, it increases the intensity of light

Not like a little shortcut to focus on your tender eyes. Emphasis is placed on the contour of the front, light eyes and enhance the features in general, framing the face.

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