Saturday, January 7, 2012

varnish is the bomb!

No need to have a closet that rivals the shelves of the hair salon to be always well dressed. hairspray is enough! The demonstration board with five points Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer.
varnish is the bomb!With paint, I make ...

1 / A perfect brush

yesterday you brush it look better? Retype it with spraying paint in each section prior to remodel Rapido brush and hair dryer. Perfectionist work on all heads, simpler recovery key is pressed. Last detail: be careful not to hair lacquer Pschitt too close to not wet.

2 / A look Plated

A drop of gel in your hands? You can rely on lacquer. Making the good side, then spray the remaining varnish too attached to the hair. The goal? With the wet form, to flatten them, but also to shine a max!

3/Un tousled-headed

Nothing in the wax pot, but is available spray lacquer? WOOOHOOO! Press gently at the end of the lake throwing between the fingers, liquid droplets than when Pschitt distance. The use of material obtained for hair ruffled in all directions!

4/Une smooth head

Down with the flyaways that tarnish your hairstyle! Spray hairspray on your palms. Rub them against one another, then came to discipline electric hair curling, and all the little ears in the crush lightly with the palm of your hand!

5/Un beautifully finished corrugated

You have a little forced in the curling iron? To undo buckles slightly without breaking the movement completely, spray on hair paint brush flat. When through the loop, she relaxes a bit when setting ripple!

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