Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm scum!

Honours to bully hairstyle that meets code season pattern: volume, volume ever! Practical work with Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer.
I'm scum!Step 1. Using the tip of a comb with teeth clenched, pulling a strand of hair as a comma from left to right. If you take some pretty thin, very tight loop. , a larger loop area.

Step 2. Coat it with the volume of foam, and then shake it to himself start from the root. If you want the volume flux, do not hesitate to play the tight roots. Then, two options. Whether you wind the key and rotate around two fingers prior to repair with a pin at the root. Whether you're squirming in itself to form small beads, then you specify. In the first case, the loop is more flexible in others, tight.

Step 3. Repeat the operation in the whole head, do not forget to put the foam on each strand before rolling

Step 4.Once head covered with curly hair, take a blow dryer and dry on the surface of the head to foam. Thus, the movement of hair perfectly set.

Step 5. Undo key and let it cool before separated with the fingers.

Step 6. Spray paint the hand, then squeezed a problem with the palm of the hand. If you want to size XXL, feel free to slightly tease the roots!
I'm scum!

Mythical Bardot hair!

Already more than thirty years he was on top and bread Bardot has not aged. Council Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer hair style is a smooth success of fuzzy face!
Mythical Bardot hair!On dry hair, apply mousse or volume loop in order to add texture. If your hair is soft, shriveled mane between your palms to make a loop of matter and form. If they are stiff, frankly, make a loop curling iron. No need to bother spending hours drawing a line from the hair will be attached to the end!

Tying the hair and ordered the horse-tail is very flexible. There should be several inches between the elastic and the hairline.

Put the mass on the skull beneath the hair and bite some pins in the elastic to hold everything. Completing More negligible, the better!

Spray hairspray to keep the halo headdress, and worked a few curls at the edge of the face lacquering finger before you wrap a thin strand.

Brushing teeth, the first thing to my hair care

If brushwork 100 of our grandmothers are no longer on the agenda, brushing teeth is an important action for beautiful hair. Council Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer to have a well-brushed hair.
Brushing teeth, the first thing to my hair careBrushing, what's the point?

To unravel. brushstrokes Sometimes only a few to discipline the whole tangled mop. Comment nodes are needed before the rules to brush morning and evening.

A fresh air. Pollution, smoking, styling products leave residue on your hair throughout the day. Give them a bowl of air brushing!

Massage A. Brushing hair, massaging scalp. This has the effect of stimulating blood circulation and increase the supply of nutrients to the hair root. In the long run, the hair smoother and stronger.

In order to protect them. scalp produce sebum supposed to nourish the hair. Except that it tends to stay in the root. Pull on the length by using the brush to feed the hair to the ends.

Good signal

Before starting to paint, spray detangler spray to facilitate travel brush. Begin to remove the hair from root to tip, gradually. If they are very thick, divide them into a wide groove to make work more regularly. Then do the test comb: let him down slowly in length. If stopped on the node is that the hair is not fully described. So brush off your resume! If not, go to the second stage sequentially brush. Back hair with a brush neck forward, then from left to right and from right to left to air them. Finish with a few strokes from the forehead to the neck to put the wig in place. You see, the results are immediate!

Variations around the horse-tail

Quick and easy to do, the cauda equina can always be closed without (too much) effort. Technique Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer for various effects.
Variations around the horse-tailStylish: Make the basic horse-tail, roll in itself to the inside at the bottom of the neck. Safe with Kirby grip. You can even chiciser the cauda equina into bread, with a net on top dancers.

Braid: Creating a high-ponytail, long loose braid, then attach elastic bottom to top with a pin. Node-coated finish provides a touch of "Chanel" at the salon.

Original. Instead of taking the hair on the back of the skull, making the line on the side and tie the hair above the ears. To Bjork pancakes, roll the hair around the elastic and re-insert the point when bending.

Convex. Teasing hair at the root of where you want the hull, which means above the forehead in general (which is quite a bit wider!). Replace the remaining hair high enough to be able to connect the stomach and attach. If the stomach is too high to put the horse-tail, tie your hair is normal and set the shell with a pin. How well? Add a beautiful bar at the junction between the shell and a ponytail hairstyle to dress.

Help, I have split ends!

Before, tips cut off technical assistance to improve a little tired. Olivier LeBrun Designer items with Garnier Fructis hair.
Help, I have split ends!What happened?

When healthy hair, their shells pile up perfectly with one another and form a smooth surface. This balance can be disrupted by various factors, such as brushing too aggressively (we do not shoot on the nodes!), With an inset of elastic metal (which was made on the hair when removed), friction with clothing, and just naturally use a very long time goal.

After some time, open the hair scales with each other and the peak of dry and wrinkled. As long as they do not split (which says that hair can be divided into two parts), we can save them.

Good routine maintenance

* Shampoo nutritious with the rules of art, that is to say on the subject of hair, long massage without rubbing
* A treatment that contains ceramides to improve both its length and resolder the scale between them and fats such as oil or shea butter to feed.
* Deepest point of care, such as bath oils to leave in place a warm towel, or leave overnight in serum before bed and repair while you sleep

However, do not bet on serum tips specific to repair the damage. These products are attractive for their cosmetic effect, that is, they smooth the surface with silicone, but do not act in the long term.

SOS, my point is really flinguées!

Make a plan to cut with your stylist. Ideally, cut into inch every month for three or four months. So, we get rid of split ends without a length.

Smooth Without Damaging

Edge Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer for addicts who want to keep brushing the mane in good health
Smooth Without DamagingChoice of weapons.

Special designation for smoothers wet and dry (which is also used on wet hair), which not only saves time but also to apply the treatment products that evaporate before straightening without "frying" your hair with heat.

To prevent hair plate HOOK, always choose perfectly fine ceramic iron.

The width of the right to plate is five inches, unless you have curly hair roots really in this case would require a plate to catch the subtle strands without burning yourself.

Finally, choose a flat iron with a thermostat. Start by using a medium heat (150-180 degrees) and if results are good, not worth growing!

Both the smoothing technique

If you have a famous iron, wet and dry, spray hair spray detangler that maintain without weighing down before moving plate.

Smooth on the average temperature if your hair is soft or slightly curly, or if you have a relaxing hair brush and hair dryer.

However, at the very curly hair, do not hesitate to increase the strength of smoothing iron to print well on the first pass. The goal? Avoid having to spend five times less and therefore damage the hair by mechanical friction.

In all cases, the guide rail by passing a comb in her hair: it provides a perfectly smooth, but also save precious minutes.

If you have very curly hair-root, where the comb against the scalp to protect it from hot dishes to start fine.

Once you tidy up perfectly, go a little alcohol on a plate coated fabric (wait they are cold) to clean them and remain perfectly flat

I cut the hair: razor or scissors?

Panic Room! Some stylists swear by good old pair of scissors, while the other uses such as a razor. What to choose then?
I cut the hair: razor or scissors?Scissors to cut out net

Unlike a pair of scissors to cut straight. This gives priority to the hairdresser who uses this technique when someone wants a cup of very graphic, bowls or square, for example. Scissors also allows maximum precision gradient as the right key at the back of the ear, which is not possible with a razor. So a technique that allows all variations. Instead, spend more time at the salon to cut with scissors!

Razor to taper

In the 40's, hairdressers, also less paid, find a cut with a razor, forcing customers to wash their hair salon. Since then, many followers! Impec to cut to pieces, this technique allows to create effects. If you're in a hurry, it also means not hanging around in the lounge, because it cuts faster than scissors razor. The last thing that makes a difference: a razor, barber cut along the comb and can not be wrong.

Littering or stringing?

Speaking the language haircut is not always easy. Today, learn the difference between degraded and tapered, with the guidance of Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis hair Council.
Littering or stringing?Degrade, decryption:

Gradient is a technique that involves cutting pieces of different lengths to bring the volume to the mane. If it raises a little barber and cut straight with scissors, so he really did, as it falls, the long hair will vary. With this, the hair overlap each other, so the stairs, and take the volume.

Taper, decryption:

This technique allows to create effects in finishing a haircut. We can cut the axis, including framing the face, like the famous cup to Jennifer Aniston. While the bob can be degraded because the hair falling in bulk as a uniform helmet, it can be pointed at in the face in order to inject a little pizzazz to the mix.

I have decided to cut it!

Not sure where to take the leap? I bet that this argument will not leave you in marble, because yes, it's all good short!
I have decided to cut it!In short, give the style max

Having a style if you have long hair, is more complicated. First, a little shortcut to give the character to face thanks to finished graphic. By releasing the neck, short haircut also allows slightly lengthen the silhouette!

Short, easy to live

When you have combed the long hair, you know it is gone for an hour of labor between the brush and shape. With short hair, count five minutes and rub the gel. Once everything is allowed: small mop head matted or plated with you!

In short, it lifts feature

While the length tends to draw a line down, little shortcut back in the face by an optical effect. As a bonus, the volume is set at the top of the head, then the balance of facial volume. Ideal when the contours tend to sag a little!

In short, it increases the intensity of light

Not like a little shortcut to focus on your tender eyes. Emphasis is placed on the contour of the front, light eyes and enhance the features in general, framing the face.

varnish is the bomb!

No need to have a closet that rivals the shelves of the hair salon to be always well dressed. hairspray is enough! The demonstration board with five points Olivier LeBrun, Garnier Fructis Hair Designer.
varnish is the bomb!With paint, I make ...

1 / A perfect brush

yesterday you brush it look better? Retype it with spraying paint in each section prior to remodel Rapido brush and hair dryer. Perfectionist work on all heads, simpler recovery key is pressed. Last detail: be careful not to hair lacquer Pschitt too close to not wet.

2 / A look Plated

A drop of gel in your hands? You can rely on lacquer. Making the good side, then spray the remaining varnish too attached to the hair. The goal? With the wet form, to flatten them, but also to shine a max!

3/Un tousled-headed

Nothing in the wax pot, but is available spray lacquer? WOOOHOOO! Press gently at the end of the lake throwing between the fingers, liquid droplets than when Pschitt distance. The use of material obtained for hair ruffled in all directions!

4/Une smooth head

Down with the flyaways that tarnish your hairstyle! Spray hairspray on your palms. Rub them against one another, then came to discipline electric hair curling, and all the little ears in the crush lightly with the palm of your hand!

5/Un beautifully finished corrugated

You have a little forced in the curling iron? To undo buckles slightly without breaking the movement completely, spray on hair paint brush flat. When through the loop, she relaxes a bit when setting ripple!

What was cut short for me?

A round face, long, or square? Sometimes just a few snips well placed to balance the books. Follow the guide and look for shortcuts that will suit you best.
What was cut short for me?I have a long face

I chose a cup, flat on top of the skull and that includes more material on the restructuring side of the face. Or do I choose a cup bowl at all, very trendy.
What was cut short for me?I have a round face

Two choices: either I decided to highlight the pieces that follow the contours of a round face. Whether I'm looking for a break "ball"her. I then asked a large cross on the head, which tends to lengthen the face a little and also highlight the eye.
What was cut short for me?I have a square face

I chose to cut deconstructed that shakes the hands of a little "stiff" in my face. The trick? Keep little material on the head and sides, in order to ruffle the hair in all directions.

Bowl-cut, or not dare?

small pieces of well structured beach. Focus on the famous bowl, the spirit of 60, who is the star of the season.
Bowl-cut, or not dare?I dare ...

... If I face the final. Just finish this cup gives chubby round face rather long. However, swinging round face as well, following its contours, this part strengthens the whole cup.

... If I have a uniform color and ultra glossy. No fuses or flushing in the cut, it should be graphically highlighted by the mass of his hair the same tone. It is preferable to choose the color of "extreme" as a platinum blond or black fiery strengthen the effect of cuts in catch light.

... If I had straight hair. If they are okay, they will cut the maximum density. If they are thick, the bowl would be more amazing. In contrast, drops with curly, even flexible, unless you want to spend hours in the dryer hand to control the movement!

The problem again: that adopting this section if you really like your haircut. Due after bowl cut, your hair will need retouching every 4-5 weeks max!

In short it is glamorous!

bad language will not be able to say that men have short hair! This cup glamorous and sexy and can prove otherwise bonus to play all the metamorphosis. Demonstrations.
In short it is glamorous!Like all the pieces that have style, this short square mocking require maintenance. Haircuts every month and hold the volume in place. Adopt if you have straight hair, curly, soft or even face a bit late. If you are complexed with a high neck or jaw slightly smaller square, do not hesitate to ask the pro for a little bit longer in the back and side faces. In everyday life, he relaxed and just a few brush strokes, or almost, to change it. Two ways to wear it!
In short it is glamorous!Option steep

Pre-dry hair until just damp. Take a large flat brush and a long shot to the face in all directions, follow the movements of the dryer. Hair fine but not super stiff, so you can play with your axes. Sweep from side to your liking! Finally, taking the shine and apply a hot wax effect them between your fingers before passing into the hair like a comb to secure the movement!
In short it is glamorous!
Optional corrugated

Dry hair upside down to keep the root volume. Replace head and bit the tip curling iron work all over the world to give them movement. Place the cream in the definition and the ripples are formed and put the key around the face. Finished with lacquer screens halo around the head.